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The Zim 15 is designed as a performance dinghy for the 20-30 year olds looking for more excitement. The high drop off rate after college is not new, and we feel a more exciting product will help keep more young sailors on the water. The Zim 15 will appeal to the growing team race market as well as being a great boat to fleet race. The Zim 15 is the perfect boat for yacht clubs to purchase fleets and provide organized team and fleet racing. This model will provide outstanding value to young members. The easily tunable rig, and large sail plan, will raise, and widen, the competitive weight range of the sailors relative to other products, making the boat a far more favorable option with a broader appeal.

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  • The typical rolled lip hull to deck joint, which is highly prone to stress cracks, has been eliminated.
  • The rig, designed by Southern Spars pushes development to a new level. The spars and sails, designed by North Sails, have been tuned with complex modeling software to provide spar to sail synergy.
  • The mast is designed with specific flex characteristics that enable a large upwind sail plan without the boat being heavily overpowered in higher wind speeds.
  • The large sail plan increases the boats potential performance off the wind, eliminating the need for a spinnaker or genniker.
  • The gnav strut and cunningham are the primary sail controls and are led to the thwart between the sailors for easy adjustment.
  • Mast & sail combination is very tunable relative to the current boats in the marketplace. The ability to adjust the rig tension while sailing will allow the boat to be powered up or depowered easily.
  • The incorporation of the dangle pole is not only to be used as a whisker pole downwind but greatly improves the jib effectiveness upwind and reaching by providing leach tension, while keeping the crew more engaged.
  • The integrated bow and corner bumpers will provide additional durability.
  • Pivoting rudder blade without using a rudder head.
  • Ability to raise the centerboard pivot position. This reduces draft and moves the center of effort closer to the waterline. Lighter teams will be able to “reef" the centerboard as part of de powering in fresh conditions and allow for a wider crew weight range.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Length - 14'9"
  • Beam - 5'5"
  • Draft - 3'8"
  • Mainsail Area - 114 ft2
  • Jib Area - 39 ft2
  • Hull Weight - 180lbs
  • Designer - Steve Clark
SKU 10079
Condition New
Manufacturer Zim Sailing


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