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A modified version of the Club 420 built for collegiate fleets. It is 50 pounds lighter than the standard 420, but built with a stiffer and more durable hull that lends itself to higher performance. The Z420 features a revised deck layout, enclosed forward bow, and improved ergonomics. An ideal choice for clubs and school programs looking to update their fleets.

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Collaboration with the Best
  • The new LaserPerformance collegiate Z420 has been designed to insure the future success of collegiate sailing through the collaborative efforts of many college coaches including Adam Werblow, Zack Leonard, John Mollicone, Greg Wilkinson, Mitch Brindley, Joel Hanneman, Justin Assad, Bill Healey as well as sailing industry designers, experts and racers such as Pete Levesque, Matt Braitsch, Rob Brooks, Ched Proctor and many others. Their work is evident in each and every innovation that the Z420 brings to the water.
The Big Picture
  • The results are distinctly evident when you sail the Z420. The team was able to shave 50lbs from weight of the existing C420 SCV and still make the hull 40% stiffer– so the levels of performance have completely jumped off the charts. The Z420 is also eminently more seaworthy because of its larger, enclosed, air-tight, forepeak which provides a higher level of safety.
Attention to Detail
  • Study the detail that has been included in the Z420: an integrated bow bumper, a keelson that is angled to account for the human factors involved in roll tacking, side tanks that have been angled to improve crew comfort and increase internal air volume, an angled and reinforced centerboard trunk cap for strength and ergonomics, increased radii in all corners to increase strength and rigidity of the structure and much more. Working with college coaches has also guaranteed a “turn-key” product!
Built Tough from the Inside Out
  • LaserPerformance has completely modernized its construction techniques in building the Z420. The hull and deck employ a modern laminate schedule that utilizes a ballistic core for both stiffness and durability. The Z420’s keelson is a solid closed cell foam structure that is “insert molded” in place when the boat is manufactured. Utilizing the infusion process, the Z420 has a solid backbone giving it strength from stem to stern. It is built to endure.
Turning Heads on the Water
  • The Z420 looks as good as it sails! The elongated and flattened foredeck, angled seat tanks, bespoke hardware, distinct color combinations and graphics all work together to complete the package. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead sailing anything else.
And it’s Good for the Planet too
  • The Z420 utilizes the infused molding process. What this means is that the molds are closed during the manufacturing process thus keeping volatile organic compounds, or greenhouse gasses, from escaping into the atmosphere. Additionally the resins used in the hull and deck are metered out so that each hull has the same amount of resin resulting in a consistent product and less wasted raw material finding its way to the landfill.
Proudly Manufactured in the United States of America The Z420 is handcrafted in LaserPerformance's Vanguard Sailboat factory located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.
  • Length - 13'10"
  • Beam - 5'6"
  • Draft - 3'
  • Mainsail Area - 80 sq ft
  • Jib Area - 30 sq ft
  • Hull Weight - 215 lbs

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Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Length - 13'10"
  • Beam - 5'6"
  • Draft - 3'
  • Mainsail Area - 80 sq ft
  • Jib Area - 30 sq ft
  • Hull Weight - 215 lbs
SKU 10080
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Manufacturer Laser Performance


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