Hansa 303 Wide

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Wider than the 303 Single, The Hansa 303 Wide takes two adults side by side. Same reefable main and self tacking jib.Features the standard cloth seat.

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The 303 Wide is ideal for those sailors who wish to take their sailing a stage further. This boat has a taller rig with the addition of a jib so there are two extra control lines to handle, but the heavier centerboard, same steering and similar hull design parameters to the smaller 2.3 ensures these boats are also extremely safe and easy to sail.

The boat will balance perfectly when sailed single-handed, yet also balance when sailed by two full sized adults. The end result is an affordable, very versatile, exciting, yet very relaxing and comfortable boat to sail.

  • Hull has positive buoyancy and is very maneuverable.
  • Strong construction with solid bonded hull to deck joins.
  • With the seat keeping the helms weight low plus ballasted centreboard, the boat is virtually uncapsizable.
  • Reefed and un-reefed from the cockpit.
  • High boom is kept well away from sailors’ heads.
  • No hiking out necessary.
  • Available in 7 different colours with a matching sail for easily distinguishable fleet sailing.
  • So simple and stable almost anyone can use these boats.
  • Comfortable and provides good performance for one or two people.
  • The Hansa 303 is an ISAF Class with regular National, Continental and World Championships

Hansa 303 Video from David Staley on Vimeo.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Length - 3.03m
  • Beam - 1.35m
  • Draft - 1.0m
  • Weight - 55kg (plus centreboard 30kg)
  • Sail Plan - Schooner Rig - Mainsail & Jib
  • Sail Area - Total area - 5.8m2
  • Main - 4.4m2 (reef-able to 0.5m2)
  • Jib - 1.4m2 (full roller reefing)
  • Mast - Main Mast – Un-stayed 4.75m
  • Foremast - Un-stayed 2.85m
  • Seating - Wide hammock seat
  • Steering - Manual joystick
  • Capacity - 160 kg (Combined weight of 1 or 2 sailors)
SKU 10106
MPN 1040
Condition New
Manufacturer Hansa


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