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The Weta is a unique boat in many ways. Designed so that one person could sail and race solo, or two adults to fit easily. The Weta is lightweight, with a stable design and simply controls. The Weta is fast, but not intimidating, and it is versatile without being overly complicated. Over 1100 sold worldwide, learn more about how the Weta is like no other.

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A modern and easy-to- sail trimaran, the Weta is a New Zealand designed fiberglass dinghy with Main, Jib, and Spinnaker. There is no other boat quite like it in terms of versatility - it sails easily with between one to three sailors. The uniquely designed hulls provide stability and speed without the need for a trapeze. A boat of the year winner with continuous improvements since launch - the newest Wetas are infused and lighter than before. Available options now include: 9.3M squaretop main, 8.4M racing main, and 6.5M mainsail, as well as furling jib and an larger spinnaker. It can honestly do it all. The Weta can be broken down from full sailing width to fit on its included dolly, or our custom flatbed trailer. It's easy to travel with, and move around on the dolly or with a trailer. The quality and attention to detail becomes obvious as the Weta tackles a full range of conditions with confidence and ease. Close to 1,200 Weta are sailing worldwide, and there are 120+ Wetas now in Western North America.

  • Infused fiberglass construction
  • Two piece carbon mast
  • Carbon daggerboard, rudder and rudderhead
  • Mylar sails - Main and Jib (North Sails)
  • Asymmetric spinnaker (North Sails)
  • Simple deck layout, with logical controls
  • Floating blocks for easier trampoline alignment
  • Blade bag included for easy handling
  • Aluminum launching dolly included

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Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Length- 14.4 ft
  • Beam - Sailing - 11.5 ft
  • Beam - (on trolley) 5.6 ft
  • Weight - Main Hull - 130 lbs
  • Weight - Ama (rigged) - 40 lbs
  • Weight - Sailing Weight - 220 lbs
  • Sail area - main - 9.3m2 / 8.4m2 / 6.3m2
  • Sail area - jib - 3.2m2
  • Sail area - spinnaker - 8.0m2 /12.9m2
SKU 10066
MPN Weta
Condition New
Manufacturer Weta Marine


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