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A traditional pram design built for the rigors of program and club use. The SailCube is a singlehanded junior training boat with rigging similar to an optimist, but with the durability of rotomolded plastic. The majority of the parts found on the SailCube are interchangeable with standard optimist equipment. A favorite of camps and clubs, the SailCube is low maintenance and a cost effective solution for getting more kids on the water.

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3-Ply Rotomolded Plastic Hull
  • The 3 layer polyethylene plastic hull is strong and durable, while remaining lighter than other trainers

Compatible with Optimist Equipment
  • SailCube rigging is designed to swap in and out of an Optmist, and vice versa. With nearly the same dimensions as an Optimist, existing storage solutions, covers, and dollies will work with the SailCube.

What's Included:
  • Hiking Straps
  • Autobailer
  • Mast Step
  • Spars (mast, boom, sprit)
  • Sleeve Sail
  • Rudder
  • Daggerboard
  • Control Lines and Rigging

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Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Auto-Bailing
  • Built in Drag Strips
  • 4:1 Mainsheet
  • Built in Floatation
  • Adjustable Mast Step
  • Lightweight - Under 100lbs
  • Completely Opti compatible
SKU 10074
Condition New
Manufacturer McLaughlin


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