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The Hansa Liberty is a single person race boat. It features joystick steering with a main and jib sail connected to dual rudders with a fiberglass seat and weighted centerboard.



The Liberty is a totally accessible, single person performance craft that anyone can sail, regardless of ability. Twenty percent longer than the 303 but the same width makes the Liberty a very fast and high pointing small keelboat. The high coamings and wide side decks keep the boat dry even at extreme angles of heel and the two high aspect rudder blades ensure directional stability. We recommend the "C" Crane and Keel Caddie for handling Liberty centreboards which weigh 70Kg.

  • Hull has positive buoyancy.
  • Steered by manual joystick operating twin rudders to maintain helm control when fully heeled.
  • Wide side decking to keep cockpit dry when heeled to extremes.
  • Strong construction with solid bonded hull to deck joins.
  • Mainsail and jib are reefed and un-reefed by single hauling lines.
  • Mainsail controlled by a manual mainsheet.
  • Jib is self tacking, with a diagonal strut between clew and a claw at the mast which prevents twisting as the sheet is eased.
  • Available in 7 different colours with matching sails for easily distinguishable fleet sailing - useful for safety monitoring and video/photo feedback.
  • So simple and stable almost anyone can use these boats.
  • Extremely comfortable, nimble and above all great fun.
  • The Liberty is an ISAF Class with regular National, Continental and World Championships

Liberty Video from David Staley on Vimeo.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Length - 3.6m
  • Beam - 1.35m
  • Draft - 1.1m
  • Weight - 80kg (plus centreboard 70kg)
  • Sail Plan - Mainsail & self tacking jib
  • Sail Area - 7.35m2
  • Main - 5.6m2 (reef-able to 0.5m2)
  • Jib - 1.75m2 (full roller reefing)
  • Mainmast - Un-stayed 5.6m
  • Foremast - Un-stayed 3.15m
  • Seating - Adjustable fibreglass seat
  • Steering - Manual joystick. Optional Servo Assist
  • Capacity - 120kg + 30kg luggage
SKU 10109
MPN 1060
Manufacturer Hansa


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