Sailboat Ropes & Lines

No matter what kind of sailing you prefer, a sailboat is nothing without its ropes. That is why at West Coast Sailing, we offer the marine and sailing rope required to get cruisers and avid racers for sailboats of all sizes moving in the right direction. We have line for sail controls, sheets, halyards, shockcord, bow lines, and more in single and double braid, small and large diameter, low stretch, high performance, and recreational from top rope manufactures including FSE, New England Ropes, Marlow, Samson, Alpha Ropes, and more.

Control Lines

Control Lines »

Line for Vangs, Outhauls, Cunninghams, and Other Controls


Sheets »

Line for Mainsheets, Jib Sheets, and Spinnaker Sheets


Halyards »

Line for Main, Jib, and Spinnaker Halyards


Shockcord »

Durable and Long Lasting Bungee Line


Spectra and Vectran

Spectra & Vectran »

Non-Stretch Performance Sailing Line

High Tech Line

High Tech Line »

Double Braid Lines with Spectra Core for Performance

Small Diameter Line

Small Diameter Line »

2-5mm Line for Small Sailboats or Control Lines

Large Diameter Line

Large Diameter Line »

6-16mm Line for Sheets and Larger Boats


Double Braid Line

Double Braid Line »

Lines with Core and Cover for Durability

Bow Line

Bow Line »

Floating Polypro Bow Line

Keelboat Line

Keelboat Line »

Lines Recommended for Keelboat Sailing

Line Kits

Line Kits »

Line Kits for Popular One Design Sailboats



Spools »

Full Spools and Mini Spools for Bulk Line Purchases

Whipping Twine

Accessories »

Whipping Twine and Needles

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