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If you’re looking for Laser sailboat parts, you’ll find virtually any item you need to repair or maintain your sailboat here. Browse through our array of class legal Laser sailboat parts including Laser sails, tillers and blades, deck fittings, vangs, control lines, dollies, covers, blade bags, compasses, upgrades, and more. For recreational sailors or programs, check out our practice parts section for non class legal fittings. Our staff of dinghy sailors is here to assist with any questions you might have and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on most orders over $35. Let us help you get ready to own the water in your Laser.


Sails »

Sails, Battens, Numbers & Tell Tales

Hull & Deck

Hull & Deck Parts »

Bailers, Plugs, Deck Cleats & Blocks

Mast & Boom

Mast & Boom Parts »

Spars, Bullet Blocks, Plugs & Mast Fittings

Blades & Tillers

Blades & Tillers »

Rudders, Tillers & Daggerboards



Lines »

Mainsheets, Line Kits & Control Lines


Upgrades »

Ratchet Blocks, Upgrade Kits, Compasses & Go-Fasts


Covers & Bags »

Deck & Hull Covers, Blade Bags & Spar Bags

Practice Parts

Practice Parts »

Replica Fittings, Blocks, Autobailers & Connectors




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12 Item(s)

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