Hobie Kayak Parts and Accessories

Hobie Kayak Accessories


Popular accessories and upgrades for Hobie Kayaks

Life Jackets

Life Jackets

Safe and comfortable Life Jackets for Adults and Kids

Kayak Safety Items


Safety gear including lights, flags, and first-aid kits

Mirage Drive

Mirage Drive

Mirage Drive units, fins, pedals, and replacement parts


Sail Kits

Sail Kits & Spins

Add a sail kit or spinnaker to your Hobie Mirage kayak

Hobie Mirage Island Kayak Trampolines


Trampolines for Adventure Island and Tandem Island Kayaks

Hobie Kayak Side Kick

Side Kick

Add stability to your kayak with a Side Kick kit

Kayak Dodgers


Add a dodger to your kayak for spray and wind protection


Hatches and Bags

Hatches & Bags

Hatches, Kits, Covers, Bags

Kayak Carts and Dollies

Carts & Dollies

Kayak Carts & Dollies

Hobie Kayak Trailers


Kayak Trailers & Accessories



Kayak Covers


Maintenance Items


Repair Items, Cleaners, Tools

Hardware and Line


Replacement Hardware, Line, and Spare Parts Kits

Forward Kayak Parts

Forward Parts

Replacement Parts for Front of Kayak

Seat and Cargo Kayak Parts

Seat & Cargo Parts

Replacement Parts for Seat/Cargo Area of Kayak


Rudder and Rear Kayak Parts

Rudder & Rear Parts

Replacement Parts for Rudder System and Rear of Kayak

Vantage Seating

Vantage Seat

Vantage Seats, Replacement Parts

Adventure Island Parts

Adventure Island

Adventure Island Specific Parts

Tandem Island Parts

Tandem Island

Tandem Island Specific Parts