Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit - Featured Product

Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit

Frostbite season is upon us in many parts of the U.S. For the Sailing World followers out there, you may have seen the "Frostbiting Gear Guide" article a few days ago. Long time Seattle Laser Fleet sailor and West Coast Sailing supporter, Michael O'Brien, gave the staff at SW his insight on the best gear for cold weather sailing. His pick: the Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit.

Zhik Superwarm fabric is designed to provide warmth in cold conditions without the bulk of a traditional waterproofs. Four unique fabric layers work together to keep you warm without compromising comfort or freedom of movement - hydrophobic outer, 3mm neoprene for insulation, reflective layer to trap heat, and a microfleece inner for comfort. The result? Outstanding cold weather protection with the comfort and freedom of motion dinghy sailors need to sail their best on the coldest of days. Don't forget that the Zhik Superwarm Skiff Suit is compatible with Power Pads!

In addition to the Skiff Suit, the Superwarm collection also includes a Top and Socks. Don't let the cold stop you from sailing this winter - as the Sailing World guide points out, there are lots of great gear options available for cold weather sailing. Our team is standing by to assist with any detailed questions about what to wear. Get out there and go sailing!

Big shout out to Michael O'Brien for his article feature and to everyone up in the Seattle Laser Fleet. Good luck with the frostbiting season - we hope to get out there with you soon!

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