What's Happening This Spring

Springtime in the Pacific Northwest. The weather might not agree, but its starting to feel like it around the office! The phones are ringing, boxes are shipping, and boats are coming and going every day. There's lots of Spring sailing activity here at West Coast Sailing.

Spring Sailing

Exciting Updates: The annual Strictly Sail Pacific Boat Show is coming up in a few weeks - check out our blog post for additional info. On the inventory side, our shelves are stocked with new gear for spring sailing season from Zhik and Gill and we have a huge selection of parts and line on hand. We're happy to report our sponsored sailors are keeping busy - Isabella Bertold is headed to Europe for several regattas, Hanne Weaver competed in Mid Winters West this past weekend, and Christine Neville has been selected for the 2013 U.S Sailing Development Team.

Have you checked out our web store lately? We have been working hard to improve our One Design parts sections with an easy to follow layout, parts locators, rigging guides, and more. We hope these updates will make it easier to find the parts you need! Do you have boat or rigging related questions you'd like answered? Send us a quick email and we'll feature them in our new FAQ section!