What Sailing Means to Me

Win+Start+-+Cross+Fleet+-+Cover+to+WinDo you have a sailing story to share?

Sailing means different things for different people. From Olympic level racing to cruising around the lake with friends, every experience is unique - its part of what makes sailing so cool! While we enjoy sharing our own stories and experiences with you, we want you to share yours with us. We hope that you see West Coast Sailing as not just a business, but as a community of sailors who share a common theme - a passion for sailing.

We invite you to share a story about "What Sailing Means to Me."

Think about a memorable experience, favorite place to sail, the friends you've met sailing - the possibilities are endless. Submit a short story along with a photo and your story may be featured in our newsletter and on our website. If selected, we'll send you a $50 gift certificate, good for any sailing gear you might need!

Use the form below to submit your story, and select that you give us permission to publish & share it, with credit of course!

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