West Coast Sailing Announces Sponsorship of Isabella Bertold

We are pleased to announce a four year sponsorship commitment to Isabella Bertold, Laser Radial sailor and member of the Canadian Sailing Team. Over the next four years, Isabella will be working towards winning a World Championship and a medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. For those who have campaigned in the past or know sailors who have, you know the hard work and sacrifice that comes with pursuing success at the top level of our sport. We're proud to be involved with Isabella's campaign and support her on the Road to Rio.

Bertold 2A full sponsorship of a sailor at the highest levels of our sport is a first for West Coast Sailing. We'll be providing Isabella with a new boat each year, sails, gear, and anything else she needs to win Gold. It’s a lot of money on our end and a decent amount of time to help manage her needs, but at the end of the day it’s totally, unequivocally worth it. Isabella is not only a great sailor, but a great person on and off the water. Her work ethic and dedication to sailing is a source of inspiration.

Find out more about Isabella's campaign by visiting her website.

We recently asked Isabella a few questions about her sailing (and some general ones too!) to help you get to know her better.

How long have you sailed the Laser? 10 years – wow! Time flies when you’re having fun!

What do you wear when it’s cold out? As much gear as I can put on, and anything that has Super Warm in its name!

Favorite place to practice? San Francisco Bay is a clear first, but anywhere that is warm and windy is a close second!

Do you have a favorite on the water snack? Bonk Breaker Bars – specifically the Apple Pie flavor.

Which regatta are you looking forward to most this year? World Championships in Rizhao, China.

What is your number 1 goal for this year? To enjoy every moment I get to spend out on the water.

Outside sailing, what is your favorite sport? Triathlon - and skiing when I have time to go!

Name of the first album you purchased? … Spice World, by the Spice Girls … wish I could say it was because I was 7, but I still have some of their songs on my iPod.

 Please visit our Sponsorship page for additional information.