A Little Help for Our Friends

Since West Coast Sailing opened in 2005, giving back to sailing has been a huge part of the company. It is our belief that the more successful a sailor, event, group or program can be, the more our sport will grow. There must be a connection between business and sailor that is not simply one sided – Our industry is too small to have it any other way. During those first few years we had limited marketing and promotions budgets. We gave what we could, when we could, and that was that.

As the business has grown, it’s been gratifying to increase our level of support each year.  We have formalized our sponsorship program to provide direct support to causes that impact sailors and grow the sport. This includes individual sponsorships, prizes, giveaways, and other event and group support. Outside the office, our staff volunteers hundreds of hours each year for High School and College events and running regattas. They are board members, sailing coaches, and mentors to young sailors. All of this is done in their free time.

Thanks to sailors all over the world who share our vision and shop at our store, we are in a position to step up our support to a level we never dreamed of.  Today I am pleased to announce a four year commitment to Canadian Sailing Team member Isabella Bertold.  Over the next four years, Isabella will be working to win Laser World Championships and bring a medal to the Pacific Northwest competing in the Laser Radial class at the 2016 Summer Olympics. West Coast Sailing will be providing Isabella with a full support package each year until Rio.  Each year we'll provide her a new Laser, sails, apparel, parts and anything else she needs to win Gold. It’s a lot of money on our end and a decent amount of time to help manage her needs, but at the end of the day it’s totally, unequivocally worth. Isabella is a terrific sailor and individual both on and off the water and we are proud to support her at the highest level of the sport.

Additionally, we are also pleased to welcome Hanne Weaver and Christine Neville to our 2013 Ambassador Program. Each year we select several sailors who exhibit both talent and a Corinthian spirit in their passion to achieve notable sailing success. Hanne and Christine are outstanding Laser Radial sailors and represent the values of hard work and dedication, both on and off the water. It will be a busy year for our Ambassadors and we’re excited to support their progress.

Each day I am reminded just how far the mission of our company has spread.  West Coast Sailing has grown larger than I ever imaged – and we directly increase our giving to match our success.  It is important for our company and all those involved in the industry to remain focused on supporting our friends, sailors and customers who sail.

On behalf of all of us here at West Coast Sailing, congratulations to our Sponsored Sailors.  A hearty thank you goes out to all of our customers who do business with us.  This is your support manifest right before your eyes.  Please know that your support goes far beyond our company and directly into the community that we are so lucky to serve.

Onwards and upwards,

George Yioulos

Please visit our Sponsorship page for additional information.