Sailboat Covers & Bags

This story likely sounds familiar... You head down to the boat park, stoked for a day of sailing. To your surprise, your hull is tipped back on it's stern, cockpit full of water, spars fallen off to the ground. As you rush to fix things, you drop your gear to the ground and next thing you know those shiny blades are chipped and dinged. Vang? What Vang? I must have left that at home! Am I having fun yet?

Sound like you? We can help!

Protecting your equipment and gear is an easy way to keep things clean and organized. We carry a full range of hull and deck covers, blade bags, and spar bags for everything from Lasers to Hobie 16s.  A set of covers or a blade bag is an easy way to keep your equipment clean and protect your investment in your small sailboat and gear. Side benefit - clean gear = faster boat!

Let's Talk Covers

Covers and Bags cover photo w textSmall sailboat covers are generally available in two styles - Hull Covers and Deck Covers. Nearly all covers are cut for specific boats for a perfect fit, include an elastic hem, and have straps to secure the cover. How well a cover performs during extended use depends on the fabric.The best covers are made from bulletproof fabrics such as Top Gun Fabric, which offers full waterproof protection and a 5-year warranty. Mid range covers are typically made from generic 600 denier polyester fabrics which also offer water and UV protection, but will wear our faster. We typically recommend top end covers (like the Gorge Series) for sailors looking for the best cover options available. Mid range covers (such as our line of Fast Canvas covers) are perfect for short term use, traveling to regattas, or keeping your boat covered during indoor storage.

Blade Bags & Spar Bags

Covers and Bags bag photo w textNow that you've got your hull and deck covered (no pun intended!) let's talk about your other equipment. The two most common items are blade bags and spar bags. A blade bag is a padded bag designed to hold your daggerboard, rudder, and tiller (depending on boat) and often includes a storage pocket for rigging and accessories. A must for protecting those precious trailing edges and ensuring you don't leave items at home! You know you've been there.

For the active sailor, a spar bag is a great way to keep your spars clean and protected during travel. Spar and mast bags are custom cut for specific boat types.

Awesome! What are my options?

We have a variety of covers, blade bags and spar bags available for many popular sailboats. To make it easy to find the right cover or bag, shop by boat type.


Covers for RS Sailing boats and Hobie Catamarans also available. Email

Special pricing available for fleet and program orders!