RS 100 sailing

We took out the demo RS100 over the weekend and logged some miles sailing in the gorge.

Going upwind with 150lb sailor.   In the light wind, no problem, in the heavier air later, pulled the vang on hard and raked the mast forward to get it to track well.  A 170lb sailor will likely not need to do much of that :)

Launching the spinnaker is simple.  The boat is very stable downwind, neutral helm and not much load on the lines.  Spinnaker is easy to trim and gybing is rather simple.

One of our customers demoing the boat is going upwind in the gorge in 8kts of wind.

Here's our YouTube video of downwind sailing!

3 thoughts on “RS 100 sailing”

  • Jimbo GBR107
    Jimbo GBR107 09/14/2010 at 18:43

    Sweet as!

    Lovely first sail there guys


  • Phil

    Being a long term laser sailing, I think this boat looks like a nice upgrade to laser sailing. More comfortable hiking and a chute to play with on the reaches. Never did much like sailing a laser downwind with a death roll never far away. Moths and Musto skiffs are a bit too much for me as I am 60 but I could probably handle this boat. And it sure looks the part - what a nice piece of kit.

    • westcoast

      Phil- It's a pretty sweet setup, no doubt about it. I don't think it will ever replace the Laser, but for a sailor looking for a more modern boat with a kite... it's so nice!

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