Product Spotlight - SEA Winter Waist-Lock Hikers

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Are your legs feeling cold and tired after a long day of cold weather sailing? If so, the Winter Waist Lock Hikers are for you. Imagine your favorite pair of hiking pants combined with the warmth of a wetsuit. Designed with the best features of SEA's popular line of hikers and a four layer fabric system, the Winter Waist Lock Hikers are a great choice for sailing in cold conditions. Lets take an in-depth look at some of the key features.

Four Layer Fabric: Similar in construction to the popular Ultra Warm Top, the Winter Waist Lock Hikers incorporate a four layer fabric system. These layers work together to repel water, provide insulation, and trap body heat close to the skin. Overall, these hikers are super toasty!

Waist Lock System: The waist lock system incorporates a wide elastic band around the back of the hiker which can be adjusted with several pull tabs. This ensures a snug fit and feel without the bulk of the traditional over the shoulder strap system.

Length: The full length cut goes all the way down to your ankles, providing warmth and protection for your entire lower body.

Additional features include SEA’s external, non-flex battens (found on many of their hikers), Talex knee pads, and a 6mm reinforced seat and thigh on the rear of the hiker for abrasion resistance and added comfort.

Overall, the SEA Winter Waist Lock Hikers are a great choice for a dedicated cold weather hiking pant. All the support you need for those hard, upwind legs with the warmth you need to stay focused and comfortable on the coldest days. A great addition to any sailors kit!

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