Product Spotlight - FSE Dinghy Control Line

If your rig needs a boost, FSE Dinghy Control line is for you. This lightweight line runs well through blocks and holds in cleats thanks to a dyneema core with polyester cover. The combination of strength and holding power makes Dinghy Control a great choice for dinghy applications and is available in several diameters and colors.

Technical Info: This line collection features a 32-Plait Polyester Sheathing with Dyneema SK-75 core. Premium-quality Diolen fibers in the cover ensure durability and abrasion resistance. The SK-75 fibers are impregnated with the innovative FSE Robline S.Y.I.S. technology for additional UV and abrasion resistance. This allows the line to function equally well in its stripped state and ensures long working life.

The Bottom Line: FSE Dinghy Control is the go to choice for high-performance line. It is low-stretch, runs smoothly, cleats well and feels great in the hand. With five diameters to choose from (2mm - 6mm) and several color options, you can outfit your whole boat!

Check out a new Laser we rigged with Dinghy Control. We like the 4mm line for Cunningham, Outhaul, and Vang controls. Different colors makes it easy to remember whats what! Those orbit blocks look pretty slick too.

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