New Watches from Optimum Time

Hit the line on time every time with a new watch from Optimum Time. We can't guarantee you'll start like a pro, but at least you'll be in sync with the starting sequence. These watches have sailing specific features including pre-programmed ISAF countdowns and a handy sync function for getting your watch back on time after a missed signal. We just brought in several of their watches, including the OS3 Timer and OS11 Wrist Watch. Check out photos our our reviews below.

os310-specThe OS3 Timer is Optimum Time's flagship sailing watch. The large faced watch has massive 16mm digital numbers for easy viewing. Handy countdown features (specific to sailing starts), a sync button and water resistant/shock resistant construction make this watch a great choice. Wear it on your arm, on your sleeve, or mount it on the boom or mast with supplied bracket. Check out this watch in our store.


The OS11 watch is a smaller version of the OS3 in a more traditional wrist watch style. It has typical sized numbers with great resolution and handy pre-sets for countdown sequences. Traditional functions such as alarms, calendar, laps, and count up are also included in this watch. Check it out in our store.

In Our Store: OS3 Timer / OS11 Watch