New Lines

We've got lots of new line to replace those tattered old strings you've got on the boat now....

SIRIUS 500 - 5mm

State-of-the-art polyester rope setting the benchmark
Sirius 500 is known for its high breaking loads and minimal stretch. The raw materials used are only premium-quality materials such as Diolen. Sirius 500 exhibits great breaking loads and low stretch even in unusual situations. Check it out!

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Sirius 500 consists of a highly abrasion-resistant 32-plait polyester sheathing and a 8-plait core. The Core dependent splice allows optimum utilization of the breaking loads.

SIRIUS 300 - 4mm

Polyester rope with outstanding technical features
Suited for use as halyard, sheet, or trimline, this multi-purpose product fills its own distinct niche in the market.

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Excellent abrasion resistance due to the woven 32-plait sheathing and low stretch are its hallmark characteristics. Premium-quality PES fibers are used in the core, aptly rounding off the perfect general picture.

Orion 500 - 8mm

The all-purpose talent made of polyester

Orion 500 is used as sheet or halyard. Its 16-plait polyester sheathing and its 8-plait core provide for good grip and make the rope easy to splice. Its bold color design makes the rope easily identifiable on board.

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The woven 16-plait polyester sheathing, in connection with the 8-plait polyester core, gives Orion 500 its fantastic handling and its high UV resistance. Easy to splice!

ORION 300 - 6mm

Premium-quality high-grip polyester rope offering fantastic value for money
Orion 300 stands out due to its high-quality combination of polyester core and sheathing. Highly abrasion-resistant, UV-resistant, and easy to splice.

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The woven 16-plait sheathing of Orion 300 makes the multi-purpose line abrasion-resistant, easy to splice, and UV-resistant. These characteristics help guarantee this product's long service life.

Dinghy Sheet XL - 7mm

A fantastic sheet for all dinghy classes
Racing Sheet is the sheet of choice of Olympic gold medalists, World and European champions. Developed in cooperation with several top athletes from the sailing scene, Racing Sheet combines all features required of high-performance ropes.

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Racing Sheet consists of a hollow weave of a special type of nylon and Dyneema ® SK75. This combination gives the sheet excellent abrasion resistance and fantastic stretch values coupled with a great grip - even when the sheet is wet. This Racing Sheet does not absorb any water.

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