New Laser Rigging Tricks

While visiting Australia, I got to sail at Double Bay Sailing Club and I visited Performance Sailcraft Australia the Aussie Laser builder.

I picked up some new Laser rigging tips, and have tried them out here at the shop.

First change is to some Bigger, lighter Ronstan Blocks.  We used the 30mm Orbits the idea is to give a larger diameter sheave for the line to run through, for a smoother action.   In addition, you can tie these blocks up without the use of shackles, which saves a bit of weight and complexity.laser_fse_rigging2

In addition, while we've always gone to a 4mm control line, this time we used a spectra cored line from FSE.   Outhaul - 30mm orbitlaser_fse_rigging3

Here is a 30mm Orbit Block, lashed on with spectra, for the outhaul.  (You can also note the 5mm FSE line for the vang)


On the cunningham, we used two of the 20mm Ronstan Orbit Blocks.  With some spectra lashing and 4mm FSE Dinghy Control Line.


We've rigged a LOT of Lasers over the years.   There are always new ways to do it, new tricks to try.
I like this setup for the low weight and lack of metal shackles hanging everywhere.

We'll see how the bigger 30mm blocks work, but so far results are positive!

3 thoughts on “New Laser Rigging Tricks”

  • jackson

    Dudes, that's what I'm talking about but feature this stuff front and center not on the side, this has personality!! Now, where's the parts list and where's the special for purchasing the whole kit??

  • Ray


    Make sure you show this to me on Sunday.

    Check out my website when you have a chance. It's a little slow to load ......

  • Mark

    Is this class legal? And if not could you use the traditional way for the out haul with 2 dingle berries with the 20mm blocks?

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