New Gill Apparel Perfect for Winter Sailing

Winter is in full swing up here in the pacific northwest, but that isn't stopping the hard core sailors.  Gill knows this and they've released some new products to help you cope with the winter weather.  Check out some of the new stuff over at

i4 Storm Hood

This thing is insane! Part ninja, part balaclava, it will keep you warm and looking intimidating on the course. Laser cut communication vents make it easy to communicate protests or collaborate during a team race. It can be easily worn under an ocean hood for those long nights out during a delivery.  The stretchable fleece allows it to fit any sized head, no mater how big your dome is.

i5 Crosswinds Salopettes & Jacket

The i5 Crosswinds series is great for keeping you fully covered, warm, and dry, perfect for winter sailing.  The jacket and salopettes have an ultra-compact synthetic insulation layer that will not absorb water and remains warm when wet. These are made with Gill's 2Dot laminated fabric which is both waterproof and breathable.

Cable Knit Beanie

Gill's new cable knit beanies are great for the water or just wearing around. They have a little more under the hood then your average beanie. Each hat has an internal headband to give you a little extra warmth while making sure it stays on your head and not in the water.

Womens Micro Knit Fleece

I can say from experience that Gill fleece is amazing.  I've been rocking a Gill fleece coat for two years now and I love it. This womens micro fleece is even nicer since they added a few more features. The hood keeps you dry even in the rain. The knit fleece inner layer adds extra warms and the pockets keep your hands dry when their not gripping sheets or a tiller.

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