Fiberglass Laser Foils – Now Available!

The Laser Class has been testing new Fiberglass Rudder and Daggerboards for a few years.
With the latest improvements, the new molded Epoxy Blades are now class legal and ready for use!  We saw finished product at the Performance Sailcraft Australia factory last year, and will now be importing a limited number of sets for North America.

These new foils are more durable than the current foam filled foils!  The leading and trailing edges are straight.  The boards are strong and much more durable!  While they shouldn't make the boat any faster (they bend the same as the old blades to protect the one design of the boat), they should be a better finished product out of the box.

You can read some more information on the product from an Australian Laser Builder Article.

We are selling both the foils together (Daggerboard and Rudder blade, no rudder head).    First shipment is going to have a special price of $850 for the set with normal retail of $950 going forward.

New Epoxy Laser Foils are Available for Pre-Order here

2 thoughts on “Fiberglass Laser Foils – Now Available!”

  • John

    Is there any consensus if the new foils will be less susceptible to heat warping? It would be a dream to be able to leave foils in the car while at work, and then go straight to the boat after work.

    • westcoast

      They sure should be John. The old foam blades were just awful with it. I don't think we'll recommend leaving them on a hot dash, but they shouldn't just melt like the originals!

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