New Dry Suits From Gill


Redesigned for 2012, the new Gill Pro Drysuit has been one of the most anticipated new products this year. In addition to several design enhancements, the new Pro Drysuit collection now includes a Women's specific drysuit. It has been designed with the female sailor in mind and a product we think female sailors will appreciate. From the avid frostbitter to the college sailor, Gill has the perfect drysuit for anyone. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of the Pro Drysuit.

The Pro Drysuit is designed for extreme waterproof protection in wet and cold conditions and uses Gill’s toughest 5 Dot™ Fabric. While 100% waterproof, all unnecessary layers of fabric have been eliminated to maximize breathability, reduce weight and improve comfort. Common features features include fully taped seams, neoprene cuff and collar for comfortable fit, ankle covers over latex boot seals, Dynat® waterproof zipper, low profile thigh pocket, and reinforced seat and knees. Both the Pro Drysuit (Men’s) and Junior Pro Drysuit feature a front zip entry, which allows closure without additional assistance. Internally, each of these pieces have adjustable elastic shoulder braces and an elasticized waist. Each are available in a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Women’s Pro Drysuit is the latest addition to Gill’s many popular female specific designs and a product we’re really excited about. It incorporates all of the technical features of the Pro Drysuit but is designed to fit a female sailor more comfortably. There are several key design changes we think ladies will love. Most noticeably, this drysuit has been cut for a more flattering fit. No more dealing with that awkward, oversized drysuit! The zipper has also been moved to the back so there is no more cumbersome zip over the chest. Internally, a female friendly mono brace set up with side release buckle also increases comfort and fit. Ciara, one of our helpers around the shop and member of a local high school team, tried one on and was amazed with how well it fit. To all the ladies who have been frustrated with drysuits in years past, this is the drysuit for you!

Overall, we’re extremely impressed with the new 2012 Pro Drysuit. These drysuits are well designed, have a great fit, and offer the same durability and and dependability we’ve come to expect from Gill products. At $599, these drysuits are also a great value. High School and College sailors don’t forget that drysuits are eligible for our ISSA and ICSA discounts. Whether you’ve been thinking about doing more winter sailing or looking to replace a old drysuit, now is a great time to give us a call!

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