Laser Event Boats - Fall 2011

We are now pre-selling Laser Event Boats for fall 2011.

These boats will be used at three events this summer and then packaged to be sold.  They will include a Seitech Dolly as well as a brand new sail. The boats will be 2011 model year boats with upgraded vang/cunningham/outhaul. They also include the new daggerboard & rudder (fiberglass).

Aside from the discount for the previous use, the the boats will also qualify for a $300 bonus cash discount from the manufacturer.  On top of that, inbound shipping from Laser is discounted 50% as well.  Finally, as always,  there is no sales tax when picked up in Oregon.


New Laser

  • Laser  $5,980
  • Seitech Dolly  $435
  • Shipping to West Coast  $350

Total $6,765

Event Laser

  • Laser  $5,550
  • Seitech Dolly  $0
  • Shipping to West Coast   $150
  • 'LaserBucks' Cash Discount  ($300)

Total $5,400

**These boats will be available September 1, 2011 - and are sold on a first come, first served basis**

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3 thoughts on “Laser Event Boats - Fall 2011”

  • Mark Waugh
    Mark Waugh 04/09/2011 at 17:43

    Please can you advise how I can be certain that the condition of the boat will reflect a nearly new boat? Obviously, if the boat is in use by a person to whom it does not belong, it will probably not be treated as well as a boat owned by that person. If I was not happy with the condition of the boat on receipt, what would my options be?
    Does purchase secure an individual boat, or does the purchaser select the boat on arrival at your store? I would not be able to collect a boat due to work commitments until mid to late September, so would want to know that I was not being given whatever was left.
    When would payment be due? Is this due on initial agreement of purchase, or on receipt?
    What is the colour of these boats?
    Thank you for your help.

    • westcoast

      Hi Mark-

      The boats in September will have about 14 days of sailing on them. 4 days at O'Days and 10 days at Laser Maser Worlds.
      Since these are both championship level events, our customers generally take excellent care of them. They are all adult customers who have been Laser racing for years and we set high expectations for the return of our boats!

      We take damage deposit, so if they put any little nicks or chips in the gelcoat, we get that professionally touched up.
      If they were to bend a top section or anything, we make them replace that as part of their deposit as well.

      We have sold many event Laser over the years, including some to my most demanding customers. I have never had a customer be unhappy with their boat.
      I can't quantify that very well for you, but we take good care of our customers.

      With regards to a fear about getting the 'leftovers'
      We will have 10 or 20 boats here. We don't allow our customers to pre-inspect them or anything before we open the doors on the 1st of September (basically too much extra work for us and not as fair). What we would do is partner you up with a 'buddy' and have that person choose a boat for you when they choose theres. We usually have 2 or 3 people line up on the 1st to look over boats. That said, I won't sell a boat that isn't up to snuff.

      We generally laser sight the daggerboard cases, and give the boats a thorough look over.
      We make sure all the boats are in excellent condition and we go over them with you carefully when you pick yours up here as well.

      To reserve yours we do a deposit of $1500 on a credit card to reserve one, a payment of $1500 in July and the balance when you pick up the boat in September at our store.

      George Yioulos
      West Coast Sailing

  • Britt Drake
    Britt Drake 06/07/2011 at 03:44

    I'm planning on attending the Laser Master Worlds in SF in August. I'm torn between sailing my existing boat or buying one of your charter boats in SF prior to the Worlds. Will their be extra boats available for purchase their?

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