Laser Bailer Springs – Now Available!

The Laser Cockpit Auto-Bailer has always been a sore subject for Laser sailors everywhere.  When new, the bailer functions very well, pulling water quickly out of the Laser cockpit.  Over time though, the little o-rings inside the bailer break down and stop working, leaving the bailer chute constantly open and dragging in the water.   That problem, finally, is over:  Auto-Bailer Springs

It may not look like much, but this $9 upgrade could be the best money spent on the Laser all season!

The o-rings don't work very well because they are not designed to be stretched and relaxed time and again.  They break down quickly and then the bailer is non-functional.  Springs however, are designed and built exactly for this task.

Installation of the new bailer springs is easy, with the springs color coded for port and starboard sides.  Longer lasting, smoother action and a part purpose built for the job!

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2 thoughts on “Laser Bailer Springs – Now Available!”

  • Jim Mackey
    Jim Mackey 04/09/2010 at 11:10

    Are they class legal?

    • westcoast


      I haven't read the minutes, but supposedly the Laser class has voted in to fully allow them. (they did this by essentially 'de-regulating' that part of the auto-bailer). So, we're there it seems :)

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