Kitty Hawk Trailers - Production Stopping

We got a sad bit of news today that Nautical America (Makers of the Kitty Hawk Laser trailers) will be shutting down for the foreseable future due to health reasons of the owner.

Ken has been making these trailers for years, and any all accounts was the very best at it.  It's all some of us have ever towed our lasers on!

A few of us will have stock remaining from previous orders, but Ken will be accepting no new orders nor filling existing orders.

The replacement will be the Trailex Laser Trailer.  They are different animals, and competition made both manufacturers make better products.

We certainly understand Ken's tough decision, health comes first.  We wish him the best as he rests up and hope in a year or two he is back at it.  If not, that he goes sailing a whole bunch now!

Kitty Hawk Laser Trailer


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