Hitting the Road

Well, 2010 has been rocking so far and it's not sailing season until we're rolling up and down I-5 too.

We hit Laser Mid-Winters West last weekend in Richmond, CA.  From there we went to Fresno, CA and delivered a new RS Vision.

After that a stop in Alameda to drop off a Bladerider.   1800miles in 4 days....

Loaded up and ready to hit the road at 7am!  Laser on top, Vision on a flatbed trailer, moth on top.  Dollies, spars and blade bags in the back.

Cal Sailing ClubSome of the boats at Cal Sailing Club - what a wild and fun place!

RS Vision crane launchVisited Cal Sailing Club on a beautiful, sunny if light wind day.  Crane launching the Vision (a first for me) and off they went!

Two unnamed (well, we know their names, but you know...) individuals enjoying a windless hour on SF Bay.  This is a guy skiing on a LASER CENTERBOARD.  Seriously!

A customer on the maiden voyage of their new RS Vision - deep in the central valley of California!

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