Product Review: Helly Hansen Base Layers


Do you wear base layers when you go sailing? If not, you're missing out on a critical part of achieving comfort and performance during long days on the water. Let's take a look at how base layers work and review our new favorites, the Helly Hansen DRY Base Layer collection.

What are base layers and why are they so important? A base layer is a garment worn next to the skin for the purpose of moving moisture away from the body. In short, base layers keep you dry. During periods of high activity (think a breezy upwind leg!), your body sweats to keep you cool. When you stop, this sweat will continue to cool you down unless it moves away from your skin. Base layers are made from fabrics which pull moisture from one side (your skin) to the other (the air or a mid/outer layer).

48015_990_main_zoomOkay, I'm convinced. What are my options? We highly recommend checking out the Helly Hansen DRY Base Layer collection. Helly Hansen base layers are trusted by pros and enthusiasts world-wide and are made using Helly Hansen's Lifa® Stay Dry Technology. Lifa® fibers move moisture away from your skin, allowing the moisture to evaporate into the air or onto the next layer. Lifa® is also 40% lighter and 60% warmer than polyester. These tops and bottoms feature flat lock stitching and low bulk cuffs for ultimate comfort. Available in Men's and Women's sizing for a great fit.

Do we love these? Absolutely! DRY base layers are quickly becoming a staff favorite. We use them for everything from sailing to hiking and cycling. Priced at $40 per top or bottom, these base layers are a great value and an easy way to make sure you're dressed appropriately for an active day on the water. We recommend wearing a set of these base layers under your spray gear or outer layer and with a warm mid layer on colder days. Use them off the water for any number high aerobic activities.

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Check out this Helly Hansen base layer tech video: