Guess how many sailboats are in our store?

I think we need to run a contest or something.

We have a 7000sq ft warehouse.  It is COMPLETELY FULL of sailboats.

Lasers, V-15s, 29er, Moth, Weta, RS Vision, Bic, Opti, more Lasers, and More V-15s.

The West Coast Sailing Warehouse is packed to the rafters!

Anyone fancy a guess?


On the left, there is rack of lasers that you can't see.

On the right, there are another 3 or 4 more new boats on display

In the back (behind the wood wall) - there are a bunch of lasers, V-15s, new and used moths in crates.

There are a bunch of boats INSIDE the travel trailer that is at the back of the photo...... YIKES!

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