Gill Pro Hikers - Featured Product of the Week

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At first glace, the Pro Hiker from Gill is a traditional, 3/4 length neoprene hiking pant with shoulder straps. A closer inspection reveals several innovative features which make this  hiking pant both comfortable and adaptable to the needs of the active dinghy sailor.

Our favorite feature of the Gill Pro Hiker is the removable pad system. Padded batten pieces (shown at left) slide into two sleeves on the back of the thigh, inside the hiker. This allows proper positioning for optimal hiking performance. You can also sail without the pads on lighter days. Airprene neoprene is positioned under the arms and sides to provide ventilation and comfort and the knees/seat are made from a reinforced Di-Guard neoprene for long term durability. Talk about features!

Bottom Line - The Gill Pro Hiker is a dialed in hiking pant designed for the rigors of active dinghy sailing. The removable pad system provides versatility and at $179 they are a great value. Don't let sore legs keep you from sailing your best - pick up a pair of Pro Hikers and see how your upwind performance improves.

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