Gill Cargo Bag - Featured Product of the Week

The all new, completely redesigned Gill Luggage Collection is now available at West Coast Sailing! These bags have been designed specifically for use in marine environments with the needs of a sailor in mind. This week we're taking a look at one of our favorites - the Gill Cargo Bag.

gill cargo bag Gill Cargo Bag - 85 Liter

The Gill Cargo Bag is a hard wearing, multipurpose bag designed to comfortably hold a full kit of gear. The nylon fabric has a waterproof coating and all components have been load tested. Its 85 Liter capacity boasts a ventilated end compartment for footwear, dedicated wet/dry storage, organizer pocket and document pocket. Seriously, this bag can haul anything and stand up to years of abuse.

Looking for something a bit different? The all new Gill Luggage Collection includes a variety of bags to provide practical solutions for any sailor. Check out a few of our favorites below.

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