Frostbiting - What to Wear Guide

Winter is here and that means one thing : Frostbiting Season. For die hard racers and those looking to sail a few more races this year, frostbite series offer great competition and lots of sort course racing. Dressing appropriately for cold conditions is key to enjoying your time out on the water. At West Coast Sailing, we have a great selection of cold weather gear to meet any sailors needs. If you'd like to "dress to stay dry", we recommend the Gill Pro Drysuit. This lightweight and breathable drysuit is both comfortable and durable, and offers a full range of motion. Add a set of Gill i3 base layers for ultimate warmth. For those who opt to "dress to get wet", check out the Superwarm Skiff Top and Skiff Suit from Zhik. These multi-layer pieces repel water and insulate, trapping naturally generated body heat close to the skin. They are quite simply the warmest pieces available. All sailors will also enjoy our selection of cold weather socks, hats, and gloves. Don't let the cold stop you from sailing this winter season!



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