First Look: Laser Standard Mark II Sail

The new Laser Standard Mark II Sail is here and we're ready to give you a first look. These newly approved sails offer several improvements: 4.5oz Dacron bi-radial construction, optimized patching to prevent wear (including luff tube patch), a larger window, and tapered battens with velcro batten pockets. We have not yet gone sailing with one of these new sails, but are immediately impressed with the construction and overall finish of our first shipment.

Get yours here: Laser Standard Mark II Sail


IMG_4867 Bi Radial Construction
IMG_4866 Luff Tube Patch
IMG_4868 4.5 Oz Dacron Sailcloth
IMG_4869 Larger Window
IMG_4870 Tapered Battens with new Batten Pocket Design