Featured Product: Ronstan Skiff Suit

The Ronstan Skiff Suit is a farmer-john style wetsuit designed specifically for dinghy sailing. 3mm/2mm Neoprene construction provides great core warmth but is still lightweight enough to be worn in many sailing conditions. The neoprene is high stretch, resulting in a comfortable fit. As part of Ronstan's dinghy wetsuit collection, this skiff suit includes standard features such as an abrasion resistant seat, padded hiking panels on the back of thighs, and reinforced knee pads. The sleeveless cut allows a variety of tops to be worn under or over the skiff suit - great for layering in varied conditions.

For the technically inclined sailor, two features make this piece stand out among other skiff suits. Looking closely at the chest panel, the surface has an embossed texture. This helps eliminate surface wind chill. On the inside of the suit, a water repellent soft brush lining keeps your skin drier and therefore warmer on cold days.

We recommend the Ronstan Skiff Suit to sailors looking for a versatile way to add warmth on cooler days or when sailing in venues with cold water. At $149.95 it is perfect for sailors looking for quality gear on a budget. Wear it with a thin top, under spray gear, or with a combination of layers - the options are endless!



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