Featured Products - Line Kits

There is nothing worse than old, worn line. Start your season right with a Line Kit from the pros at West Coast Sailing. These pre-cut kits include every line you need for your boat, from main sheet to hiking strap tie in, and are the prefect length, diameter, and material for each use. No more guess work!

Check out a few of our favorite Line Kits:

Line Kit

Laser Pro Line Kit - The perfect line kit for the Laser racer with upgraded sail controls. This kit is stocked with the best line options including a Rooster mainsheet , 3mm spectra and 4mm Excel Racing for your vang, outhaul, and cunningham, spectra traveler, daggerboard shockcord, and more!

We also have a Standard Line Kit gear towards the needs of the recreational sailor!

Line Kit


Sunfish Line Kit - This comprehensive kit replaces every line on your Sunfish. It includes a big, comfy mainsheet line, halyard, outhaul ties, daggerboard shockcord, hiking strap line, and a floating bow line. This kit is perfect for the recreational sailor and a great way to add new life to your Sunfish!