Family Sailing with RS

Summer is here and our attention turns to the sun, water, and sand. Make the most of your vacation or long weekend with a new boat from RS Sailing. Their boats offer the perfect way to get you and your family out on the water in comfort, ease, and style!

Give your family the sailing bug this summer!

So many of our customers already sail, or have sailed in the past and often want to get back into it years later. The only difference - a [little!] bit older and often with a family in tow.

So, we hear you ask, why don't you have boats that suit both a solo experienced sailor with the option to give the family their first steps afloat? Well, we do! The line of recreational boats from RS can help you back into the sport you loved as a younger you, and allow you to share your experiences and love for sailing with your family additions.

RS Recreational Sailing

RS TeraRS Tera

One for the kids - easy, fun, safe single hander for youngsters from beginners through to racing. Sit them two up if they are small, and with two rig sizes can last until they are 14.

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RS QubaRS Quba

For both adults and children - single or double hander, this versatile family boat is durable, lightweight, safe, and fun for all. Car-top-able, so perfect for those weekend getaways.

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RS FevaRS Feva

A perfect addition to any family, providing easy rigging, low maintenance coupled with fantastic performance. Sailing with adults and children, or two adults or two children, this is the versatile family dinghy.


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RS VisionRS Vision

Perfect  all around family boat, sail with up to four people or single handed for those looking for more! A great trainer, cruiser, and club racer.


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RS VentureRS Venture

A stable and dependable boat, capable of carrying up to 8 sailors, in elegant, luxurious, sociable sailing. Now available in a keel version!


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RS Cat 16RS CAT16

Easy to handle, exciting and highly durable. The RS CAT16 is perfect for family recreational sailing - a blast across the bag for a picnic or a full day trip, the RS CAT16 can do both!


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About RS Sailing

Celebrating 21 years in 2015, RS Sailing is an International sailboat brand with a range of 15 unique and award winning designs from entry level to high performance skiffs, catamarans and keelboats. Fully established in Europe as the leading performance and recreational provider, RS Sailing is now available and growing fast across North America via a network of leading small boat retailers - backed up with a fanatic class association and international events calendar.

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