Australian Tasars on the Way...

Leading up to 2013 Worlds in the Gorge and likely beyond, all new Tasars will be imported from Bethwaite Design in Australia.  The new boats will be produced in the same facility that supplies the rest of the Tasars in the world.  This will ensure higher quality at class minimum weight.

The Aussie spec boats are being produced in large numbers and are built using new molds giving us a more consistent product. Some key features include:

  • Excellent finish courtesty of new molds
  • Recessed side decks to accept the RCB shroud sliders
  • Gelcoated underside of rails

For our first order, a new Tasar rigged and ready to sail will be $12,750USD.
If you are interested in more details, please give us a call or download a PDF OFFER SHEET HERE.

Check out the North American Tasar Site for more information about the class.

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