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From a Sunfish to a Super Maxi, you can't so sailing without line! Checking all of your control lines, halyards, sheets, hiking strap lines, and other tie downs for wear and tear is important at the start and throughout the sailing season. While we can't claim that new line will help you sail faster, a fresh mainsheet or control line can help give your boat that "new again" feeling and give you one less thing to worry about out on the water. Be prepared this summer by checking your rig and replacing line that looks worrisome. Missing out on a great afternoon of sailing because of a blow halyard or sheet is no fun!

"Great," you're thinking, "where do I start?" The experts here at West Coast Sailing can help! We've added new line options to our inventory and totally revamped our line page on the website to make it easier to find the appropriate type and diameter of line for your boat. If you're unsure whats best or want to talk to someone, feel free to send us an email ( or give us at call at (888) 884-5536 ( or local/intl (503) 285-5536). Yup, that's right, real live experts!

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Here are a few new line options available now at West Coast Sailing...

4mm Excel Racing - Perfect as a control line or halyard on a racing dinghy. The SK78 Dyneema core makes this line incredibly low stretch and a 16plait cover helps prevent abrasion while running smoothly through blocks.

5mm FSE Sirius - Upgraded for Summer 2013, this line is perfect for many small boat applications. Halyards, control lines, lightweight sheets - this line can do it all! Available in red or blue with silver fleck.