3 Great New Ronstan Products

It's the new year, and that means new sailing gear is in for the spring. We've got three great new and improved Ronstan products for you. Ronstan is committed to keeping there stuff fresh so they've started using new materials to make there products warmer, lighter, and more sustainable. check them out:

CL80 Regatta Smock Top

This spray top is designed to meet the competitive demands of dinghy sailors.

It is light and comfortable, but highly waterproof and breathable and the new snug fit design allows it to be worn under a PFD, whilst still providing full freedom of movement in the most demanding manoeuvres.

CL25 Neoprene Pants

Warm, strong, lightweight, wind proof, water-repellent, and flexible... what more could you want in a pair of sailing pants? Ronstans new laminate formula utilizes new materials in area specific panels to give you what you need where you want it. For flexibility they've used a combination of different thickness of neoprene in different areas to put the flex where you want it. However, just because it's thin in some places for flexibility doesn't mean you are sacrificing warmth. They made with 20% lighter neoprene foam which provides just as much warmth while cutting down the weight.

RF4003 Sailing Dry Bag

This innovative new dry bag converts easily from a roll down duffle bag into a comfortable backpack. It features a 'fold-and-roll' closure along with welded construction for maximum water resistance. External pockets keep your essentials at hand and with a 55 liter capacity.

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