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  • RS21 Introductory Pricing Offer + First Boat In Stock

    We are pleased to share that our first RS21 has arrived! RS Sailing has released an approachable, progressive and affordable small keelboat. For one design racing, easy days on the water, and club fleets – the 21 is a cutting edge boat that’s easy to own and enjoy. Featuring a carbon mast, two sail...
  • 2018 Event Lasers

    A truck full of event Lasers is headed to West Coast Sailing after the ISAF Youth World Championship this month. Event Lasers are the preferred way to get a great boat with $1,600 in savings. These are 2019 model-year, UK-built Lasers with ice blue gelcoat and great accessories: a trolley, blade bag,...
  • Buying Your Kid's First Sailboat

    After having taken some sailing classes, your child is asking for more. Sounds like they are starting to love sailing. Congratulations! Now what...? Whether they need more time for training and practicing their skills, or are itching to participate in regattas, they’re going to need a boat. Many clubs...
  • Getting Kids Into Sailing

    So your kid is interested in sailing? Congratulations! Kids are fickle these days, with so many distractions available. Sailing can be a great way for a young person to spend their time outdoors, learn new skills, and make new friends. Because sailing is dependent on weather and the environment, kids...
  • Laser Mk2 Sail Tuning by Fillah Karim

    Check out this Laser Mk2 Sail tuning guide from sponsored sailing team member Fillah Karim. Fillah was an early adopter to the new Laser Mk2 class approved standard sail and has learned the ins and out and nuances of this new sail. The following are his notes and observations which should prove useful...

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