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Dinghy Sailing News, New Parts and Apparel and more

  • Product Spotlight: C-Vane PRO Laser Bow Wind Indicator

    C-Vane, the sailing accessory company owned by top Laser sailor and coach Ryan Minth, is well known for the popular yellow vane on their wind indicators for Laser, Sunfish, and other small dinghy sailboats. Always seeking to innovate and offer new solutions, We're pleased to introduce a new wind indicator...
  • Top Laser Sailboat Racing Upgrades

    Go faster with these upgrades for your Laser sailboat, including wind indicators, carbon tillers and extensions, clew straps, blocks, quick-pins, and more. In this post we provide an update to the popular upgrades video we posted last Summer, featuring our very own George Yioulos explaining the benefits...
  • Cold Weather Sailing Guide: Thermal Sailing Tops

    Thermal Tops add warmth and protection on cold sailing days. Find out what thermal tops we recommend as the weather starts to turn and help with selecting the right top for your sailing needs.
  • Proof That It Works (Alternative Pathways)

    Karen reached out to us on the West Coast Sailing Facebook page to share this video and a quick story about her daughter Pearl and best friend Ariana. She wanted to let us know that there is proof that it works. What do we mean by that? We're talking about alternative pathways, new boats, and new methods...
  • Hansa Sailing Demo Day on the Willamette River

    The West Coast Sailing staff test sailed several Hansa Sailing boats on the Willamette River, learning first hand the value of inclusive sailing design.

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