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We proudly represent 8 of the best manufacturers of small sailboats in the world. Our boat selection is second to none, with approximately 80 small sailboats in stock at any time. Our staff of dinghy sailors works hard day in and day out to provide the best service and support you’ll find anywhere in the business. Let us help turn your dream into reality with a new or used boat.


Get on the water with West Coast Sailing

  • SERVICE – Your 100% satisfaction is our goal and we’ll work hard to meet your expectations.
  • SELECTION – 40+ models of sailboats available from 8 of the best manufacturers. 
  • EXPERIENCE – Over 10 years of working with sailors across North America. 
  • DEDICATED LOGISTICS – Dedicated shipments, LTL, and more at affordable rates. 
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF – Dinghy sailors on hand to answer all of your questions. 
  • APPAREL AND ACCESSORIES – Full selection of the best gear for the dinghy sailor. 
  • RIGGING ADVICE – Stop by, give us a call, or send an email for all the help you need. 
  • LONG TERM SUPPORT – We’re here for the long term and hope to serve you for years to come. 


Customer Testimonials

"You've been more than helpful, and in this day and age it's nice to work with someone who goes the extra mile even when they don't have to... Legend!" - Evan B.

"Thanks again for being such a great representative of Laser, super responsive, and easy to work with." - Walt S.

"The RS Aero is totally cool! Much like a windsurfer, you can pump it a bit, and get it to pop onto a plane in the right conditions. Last Friday, there were mild whitecap conditions on Lake Washington, and I was blasting around pretty well. There were 5 Lasers sailing out of Sail Sandpoint, and I bet I had a bigger grin than all of them." - Chauncey K

"The boat is perfect. High performance enough, but easy to rig and sort of embarrassingly stable and user-friendly. I’ve not been out in significant wind yet but look forward to that (so far about 8-12/13 knots). Really, I couldn’t be happier in terms of its versatility for a range of applications. Thanks for hooking me up with the Weta. I love it." - Marc F.


Ready to talk about your next sailboat?

Reach out to our boat sales team anytime at or by calling (888) 884-5536, extension 2.


George Yioulos

George Yioulos



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