Boat Registration

Congratulations on buying a boat from West Coast Sailing or considering making a boat purchase. We frequently receive questions from sailors regarding tiles and registration, and wanted to share some basic information with you.


New Boats

All new boats come with an Manufacturers Statement of Origin, called an MSO, which is an official document from the boat builder including the Hull Identification Number, or HIN, builder name, year, model, etc. Upon purchase, one of the West Coast Sailing staff will sign over the MSO to you, indicating you are now the owner. This document serves the same purpose as a Title, such as one issued for your car. Additionally, you will recieve an Invoice, once paid in full, for your boat, which indicates payment. This document can serve as a Bill of Sale, should one be requested of you. Both the MSO and Invoice will show your name, address, information about the boat, date purchased, and purchase price. These documents will be required should you need to register your boat with a state authority. 


Used Boats

All used boats purchased at West Coast Sailing will recieve an Invoice, as mentioned above, and, whenever possible, an MSO. In some cases an MSO is not available for a used boat. In the case of needing to register your boat, you will need to file for a replacement title from the marine board in the state you reside. 


Registration Information by State

Please review the following information, as organized by state, for specific requirements for owing and registering a boat in your home state. In some cases, registration is not required, but in most cases it is. West Coast Sailing, as an Oregon based business, does not charge sales tax. Customers picking up boats here in Oregon but who reside in neighboring states may be required to submit use tax upon registration. We are not experts in this field, but have provided a place where you can find answers based on your specific situation. 





Additional questions? Contact our boat sales team at or by calling (503) 285-5536, extension 2.