Youth Development Team

West Coast Sailing Youth Development Team

Since West Coast Sailing opened in 2005, giving back has been a huge part of the company. It is our belief that the more successful a sailor, event, or group can be, the more our sport can grow. As former junior, high school, and college sailors, we believe strongly in the value of youth sailing.

The goal of our Youth Development Team is to support several up and coming sailors who demonstrate both great potential and a passion for sailing. These sailors work hard on and off the water and serve as role models for their peers. They are committed to helping improve our sport. The Youth Development Team is selected on an annual basis.

2015 Youth Development Team Details

Benefits – Up to $250 store credit plus discounts on parts, sails, and apparel all year long. We will also promote your sailing online via our social media channels and newsletter.

Expectations – Represent West Coast Sailing on the water and in the boat park with supplied stickers, sail logos, and shirts, and communicate with us about your sailing events. Tell your friends about what we do and how we can help with their sailing. Most importantly, sail fast and have fun!

Classes – Sailors in the Laser, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Optimist, and 29er will be considered. 29er sailors should apply as a team, skipper and crew, and complete one joint application.

How to Apply

Interested sailors should complete the following questionnaire and return to West Coast Sailing no later than Monday, February 16th, 2015. Simply copy and paste the questions below info an email or word document.

Submit your responses via email to

Team members will be notified via email and announced publically on March 1st.

----- Copy and paste the following questions with your answers into an email or Word document for submission. -----

Questionnaire and Contact Info

Name -

Phone -

Email -

Location -

Home Club or Venue -

How would you describe yourself as a sailor?

When and why did you start sailing in your current class?

What are two notable or favorite events you have sailed in? Why?

What are your sailing plans for the future?

What events do you plan to attend in 2015?

Do you have a coach? If so, how can we contact them?

What do you know about West Coast Sailing and our message?

Why do you want to become a Youth Development Team member?


Please direct all questions to Philip Krug, Marketing Director

(503) 285-5536