Customer Testimonials

Photos and testimonials from happy customers out on the water and enjoying their boats.

"I bought my first laser from West Coast Sailing over six years ago. I still remember how George, the owner, literally spent hours with me going over the boat and teaching my how to set everything up the best way. I have bought another three boats and tons of other laser gear from the West Coast Sailing Team since then and have never had a bad experience. They are committed to providing the best customer service and are passionate about getting people sailing. I fully recommend West Coast Sailing for any small boat sailors, or future small boat sailors!” - Fillah K.

Ford Evans | Enjoying a warm and sunny January day on Yaquina Bay in his Tandem Island.

"The RS Aero is totally cool! Much like a windsurfer, you can pump it a bit, and get it to pop onto a plane in the right conditions. Last Friday, there were mild whitecap conditions on Lake Washington, and I was blasting around pretty well. There were 5 Lasers sailing out of Sail Sandpoint, and I bet I had a bigger grin than all of them." - Chauncey K

Scott Wilmot | Lucy and Sally Wilmot blasting around on a Club 420.

"Your helpfulness and sailing knowledge are great!" -Pete H, Island of Hawaii


RS Venture Wedding

Treasure Island Sailing Center | Matt and Nina celebrate their wedding on an RS Venture!

"The boat is perfect. High performance enough, but easy to rig and sort of embarrassingly stable and user-friendly. I’ve not been out in significant wind yet but look forward to that (so far about 8-12/13 knots). Really, I couldn’t be happier in terms of its versatility for a range of applications. Thanks for hooking me up with the Weta. I love it." - Marc F. 

Peter Drasnin | Quick selfie from the bow on Peter's Laser.

"You've been more than helpful, and in this day and age it's nice to work with someone who goes the extra mile even when they don't have to... Legend!" - Evan B.

Steve Natvig | A tack gone wrong in the FJ fleet.

"Yesterday I hoisted the kit for the first time in a 15 knot wind. Very fun and not as hard as I feared. The kite came right out and downwind I headed, gybing with a nice measure of control. Made it back home dry and with smiles. Thanks for the lesson and helping me get the rigging right." - Chris W.

Thomas Craig | Beautiful day of Laser sailing on Vancouver Lake.

"RS 300 is great! The more I sail it, the more I like it. This boat is magic!" - Henry N.

Jim Meier Tandem Island
Jim Meier | New Hobie Cat Tandem Island on Cultus Lake.

"Thanks again for being such a great representative of Laser, super responsive, and easy to work with." - Walt S.

Griffin Elliott | First day of Practice.

"I am so impressed with your prompt service. Thanks again." - Joe R.

Gary Testa | Juliana Testa & Nolan Van Dine at a Club 420 Regatta in San Francisco.

We took the Hobie Tandem Island out yesterday; it was fun! Since we haven't sailed before, we had some learning to do but were able to sail pretty quickly. Thanks again for your excellent customer service." - Jeff F.

Lynn Stannard | Enjoying a sunny summer afternoon of Hobie Cat sailing.

"I thought I would give you a quick update on my RS 400 - the boat is GREAT! I love the trailer/dolly set up and people at the boat ramp are amazed." - David J.

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