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"I bought my first laser from West Coast Sailing over six years ago. I still remember how George, the owner, literally spent hours with me going over the boat and teaching my how to set everything up the best way. I have bought another three boats and tons of other laser gear from the West Coast Sailing Team since then and have never had a bad experience. They are committed to providing the best customer service and are passionate about getting people sailing. I fully recommend West Coast Sailing for any small boat sailors, or future small boat sailors!” - Fillah K.


"The RS Aero is totally cool! Much like a windsurfer, you can pump it a bit, and get it to pop onto a plane in the right conditions. Last Friday, there were mild whitecap conditions on Lake Washington, and I was blasting around pretty well. There were 5 Lasers sailing out of Sail Sandpoint, and I bet I had a bigger grin than all of them." - Chauncey K


"Your helpfulness and sailing knowledge are great!" -Pete H, Island of Hawaii


"The boat is perfect. High performance enough, but easy to rig and sort of embarrassingly stable and user-friendly. I’ve not been out in significant wind yet but look forward to that (so far about 8-12/13 knots). Really, I couldn’t be happier in terms of its versatility for a range of applications. Thanks for hooking me up with the Weta. I love it." - Marc F


"You've been more than helpful, and in this day and age it's nice to work with someone who goes the extra mile even when they don't have to... Legend!" - Evan B.


"Yesterday I hoisted the kit for the first time in a 15 knot wind. Very fun and not as hard as I feared. The kite came right out and downwind I headed, gybing with a nice measure of control. Made it back home dry and with smiles. Thanks for the lesson and helping me get the rigging right." - Chris W.


"RS 300 is great! The more I sail it, the more I like it. This boat is magic!" - Henry N.


"Thanks again for being such a great representative of Laser, super responsive, and easy to work with." - Walt S.


"I am so impressed with your prompt service. Thanks again." - Joe R.


"We took the Hobie Tandem Island out yesterday; it was fun! Since we haven't sailed before, we had some learning to do but were able to sail pretty quickly. Thanks again for your excellent customer service." - Jeff F.


"Thanks again for helping us with the kayaks. We’re very grateful for the wonderful service you provided us in making sure everything is put together in such a short turn around. " -Hermes A.


"Awesome staff great selection and the new pool you can't go wrong to try out a kayak on the water." -Mike H.


"Love these guys. Bought a Hobie Outback after trying it out during their demo day. Worked with three guys - one kayak guru, a kayak fishing superstar, and a sailing expert - all were knowledgeable and great." -Craig P.


"I thought I would give you a quick update on my RS 400 - the boat is GREAT! I love the trailer/dolly set up and people at the boat ramp are amazed." - David J.



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