Laser Sail - 4.7 (North)

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Laser 4.7 sail by North Sails. Class legal for racing. Includes folded sail bag and free sail numbers + installation. Battens sold separately.

Item currently unavailable from Laser Performance and therefore unavailable for ordering. Please check back for updates.

West Coast Sailing was the first to provide free sail numbers and we still do! This Laser 4.7 North sail (and all Laser racing sails!) include free sail numbers and installation plus a sail bag. Enter your sail number in the fields above and our expert team will install them for you in accordance with class rules. How easy is that?!



  • Fits 4.7 rig
  • Class Legal
  • Sail #s included and installed for FREE
  • Includes folded sail bag
  • 50 square feet
  • 3.8oz Dacron
  • Battens sold separately

Note on Sail Numbers: All Laser sailboats have an ISAF issued sail number. This number can be found on a sticker on the aft wall of the cockpit. Sail numbers are required for sanctioned racing events to assist with scoring. Country codes are only required at international events.

Laser Sails – Hyde vs. North

The Facts:
  • Hyde sails are made in the Philippians and Norths are made in Sri Lanka. They are both cut to the same specifications to produce an identical shape using the exact same panel sizes/cuts. Both use the same weight cloth (3.8oz dacron).
  • Hyde is flaked 24” wide from luff to leech and measures 24”x10” when folded.
  • North is flaked 20” wide from Leech to Luff and measures 20”x12” when folded.
  • Hyde - The Laser Logo is screened on the Starboard Side
  • North – The Laser Logo is screened on the Port Side
  • North sails are usually supplied with a small pack of tell-tails, Hydes are not.

Main Rumors:
  • Hyde Has More Resin - There are some small physical differences between the two sails. The question is what is 'perceived' different, and what is actually physically different. If you feel both sails side by side, the biggest difference is that, generically speaking, the Hyde sails feel more 'slick'. The rumor is that there is more resin injected into the cloth, so the sail holds a shape better and is more durable.
  • Hyde Sails Have a Tighter Leach - The Laser sail is very low tech compared to any modern sail design/cut/manufacturing. With that, there are some variations observable over a batch of say... 40-50 sails. The panels are uniform, but there could be small variations at the edges of each panel as it is cut. Additionally, as the panels attached to each other, there is a small margin for error that can sometime be seen.
  • Hyde Cost More, so they must be better - Hyde and North's probably cost about the exact same to manufacture (not much in either case!). Hyde Sails just seem to have a longer distance to travel as they go through the UK before coming to the US. There was a rumor that the VAT tax added to the price, but that costs should be removed once a product is exported from the UK.

Real World Experience:
Many of our customers swear by Hyde for serious racing because they last longer and have a better shape. The flip side is that some of our customers prefer the initial 'setup' of the North, even if it is perceived to have a slightly shorter lifespan. Keep in mind, we are dealing on the fringes of what is real and what is perceived. Top level sailors will go fast with either sail and intermediate sailors get a big boost from a new sail no matter what the brand. If you care for each sail the same, keep it clean and be careful not to flog it needlessly at the dock or while sailing, either brand should deliver solid and very similar results over it's lifespan.

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Additional Info

SKU 21279
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