Sunfish Bailer (1-5/16)

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The Sunfish bailer is mounted in the bottom of the cockpit and drains excess water out of the cockpit. It is easily opened and closed with the rubber cap. This bailer fits older Sunfish (pre-1973) with a 1-5/16'' thread length and a hull thickness of ~1/2" or more.



  • 1-5/16'' thread length
  • Plastic construction
  • Used on pre-1973 Sunfish
  • Complete: bailer plug, cap, o-ring, and bailer housing w/ ball

What bailer do I need? 13/16" vs 1-5/16" Sunfish Bailers

The Sunfish has two sizes of bailers based on production year. Boats built prior to 1973 require the 1-5/16" or old style bailer, and boats built from 1973 on require the 13/16", or new style bailer. The difference between them is the length of the threaded cap, which corresponds to the thickness of the hull at the cut out point in the cockpit floor. If the thickness of your hull at the cut out point is around 1/4", purchase the 13/16" size bailer. If the hull thickness is closer to 1/2" or more, purchase the 1-5/16" size bailer. Both bailers are designed for a 1-1/4" diameter cut out.

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Additional Info

SKU 20894
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