2008 Laser 191928

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This 2008 Laser is a perfect boat for weekly club racing, upgraded rigging and hardware makes sail control adjustments easy and precise. If you have been thinking of joining your local club and are looking for a good entry level boat this would be a great fit. The boat includes, hull, sail, spars, blades, rigging, tiller and extension as well as dolly, blade bag and top cover! Everything you need to get you out on the water!

Laser Star Rating System
Hull & Deck : 3
Blades : 2
Spars : 2+
Sail : 2

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  • All white hull
  • Harken blocks
  • XD hiking strap
  • Standard lower mast, boom, and upper
  • FRP blades
  • Aluminum tiller and extension
  • Standard Rig
  • HIN OQTL0458J708
  • Sail # 191928

Additional Info

Additional Info

Specifications West Coast Sailing 4 Star System

In order to help you evaluate the boats more accurately we have devised a 4 star system for the four critical areas of the Laser: Hull/Deck, Sail, Spars, and Blades.

Deck and Hull

  • * Mast step repaired; noticeable damage; major gelcoat/fiberglass work; very soft hull/deck.
  • ** Softer hull and deck. Minor gelcoat or fiberglass work. Cosmetic damage.
  • *** Light scratches/dings in gelcoat. Solid mast step. Stiff deck and hull, good race condition.
  • **** Like new condition. Only minor scratches and scuffs to gelcoat.


  • * 5+ years. Soft and very stretched out. Only good for recreational use.
  • ** 2-4 years old. Softer and noticeable stretched. Practice sail condition.
  • *** 1-2 years old. Good shape, general race condition.
  • **** 6 Months old. Crisp, excellent shape, top race condition.


  • * Major corrosion, bends, dents or loose fittings. Recreational condition only.
  • ** Minor bends, wear or corrosion. Noticeable to race performance.
  • *** Small wear and tear, mostly cosmetic. Negligible to race performance.
  • **** Like new condition. Straight, only minor cosmetic scratches.


  • * Broken tips, large bends or gouges, significant past repairs.
  • ** Smaller chips and scratches. Minor warping. Noticeable to race performance.
  • *** Light use, minor chips or scratches mostly cosmetic No warps or bends.
  • **** Like new, top race condition.

SKU OQTL0458J708
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