West Coast Sailing sells sailboats from Laser Performance, McLaughlin, PS2000, Bic Sport and Tasar.  We sell Laser sails, sailboat parts, accessories and upgrades from Gill, SEA, Stohlquist, Magic Marine, Seitech and many other of the best small sailboat brands.

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In June, WetaMarine announced the completion of Weta hull number 1000. Continued success has allowed boat building to shift to XSP, based in Singapore, and an opportunity to improve on the Weta Triamaran. The design footprint and one design aspect of the Weta remains unchanged, but new molds and construction techniques give the 2015 Weta a tighter build quality. This shift will only enhance the versatility and performance of the Weta, offering superior quality and attention to detail in every boat.


Only a WETA can pack up small and can be sailed with one, two or three sails blazing by one, two or three people! No wonder it was Boat of the Year in 2010. It was designed as a boat that one person could easily manage on their own - from rigging to sailing in a blow - yet still enjoy performance sailing. There are minimal control lines and it is quick and easy to rig from scratch by one person. Today the Weta is used in an incredibly versatile way - ranging from top one design racing, family day sailing, a sailing resort boat and for adult and children learn to sail. West Coast Sailing is proud to be the West Coast Distributor for the Weta and help more sailors discover the joys of this amazing boat.


Check out the video below or click here for more information.


               The 2015 Weta will be on display at the following events this Fall:

               US Sailboat Show, Annapolis Maryland - October 2014

               US National Champs, San Francisco California - October 2014


               Our first shipment of 2015 Weta's is expected in early October. Contact us for details.

               Send an email to Boats@WestCoastSailing.net or Call (503) 285-5536