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The Sunfish has been called "the most popular recreational sailboat in history." This is because it is one of the easiest boats to sail, all you have to do is trim the mainsheet and steer. The lateen sail is both easy to control and easy to rig, and depowers quickly in gusts.


* Durable fiberglass construction
* Self-bailing cockpit
* Storage space in the back of cockpit
* Easily car-toppable
* Nautic or Harken ratchet block


* Lateen-rigged sail automatically de-powers when hit by a gust of wind
* Variety of sail colors available
* All white race sail has a window near the tack of the sail allowing the lower boom to be cinched right down close to the deck and still have visibility
* Sail easily attaches with plastic sail rings, which are replaced with sail ties similar to an Opti on the race version


* New rudder and daggerboard are made from Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
* Patented kick-up rudder for effortless beach launches, landings, and shallow-water sailing
* New aluminum tiller and extension (36" on Race version)

Race Control Lines

* Race version lower boom comes with two clam cleats, which allows an outhaul and cunningham to be rigged giving great control the shape of the sail
* Further control of the sail shape can be a achieved by turning the end of the halyard into a makeshift vang (see Sunfish Tips, Tricks, and Tuning Guide for how to do this).
* The gooseneck also has a quick-release on it to allow you to shift the sail plane fore and aft effectively raking the mast.


The International Sunfish Class Association overseas over 1,000 racing events around the world each year, including both national and international championships. The class also publishes a quarterly magazine called Windward Leg, which provides event listings, sailing tips and general Sunfish news.

PDF   Download a rigging guide